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Like many other quilters of my generation, I learned to sew at a young age by making Barbie doll clothes with my sisters and our mom, and ultimately sewed most of my own clothes for many years. I am a third generation quilter, following in the footsteps of my mother and my maternal grandmother. Whether I am sewing clothes, costumes, home décor or quilts, I always love the challenge of a new pattern, fabric or technique. In June 2017, I successfully completed the 12-week APQS/Fons & Porter Longarm Certification course. I strive very hard to do the best quality work I can on my projects and will do the same for yours!!! My motto: when quality counts!!!

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BeeJay's Creations, LLC


The primary service I offer is quilting your quilt using my Handi-Quilter Fusion longarm machine. It has a 12-foot frame which enables me to accommodate quilts up to king-sized. My machine is also outfitted with the Pro-Stitcher, a computer which allows me to quilt using unique digital designs which are commercially available or which I can create on my own. I also do custom and semi-custom quilting with rulers and free motion designs. I will work with you to select the perfect quilting pattern/design for your quilt! Other services offered are listed below. If you have a unique request that is not listed, please contact me to see if it’s something we can work out.


Making the “Quilt Sandwich”

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Edge to Edge & Custom

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Let’s Finish Your Quilt!

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Let me make a quilt for you

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Quilts for baby, youth, or teens

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Machine or Hand

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The total cost for your quilt is determined by several factors. Quilting likely will be the largest expense. Other factors that will affect the total cost are batting, backing, and binding services. I typically use Superior So Fine #50 wt. thread and a longarm needle appropriate for that size of thread, therefore, I do not charge extra for thread/needles unless a thread other than that size/brand is requested. Additional charges may apply for specialty fabrics, techniques and quilt preparation/repairs of the quilt top.


Please check the following before bringing your quilt to me for quilting, to avoid a labor charge:

  • Quilt top should be clean and seams pressed in the proper direction
  • Make sure all seams are secure and fix any that are not
  • All loose threads should be trimmed
  • Remove any excess pins, buttons or embellishments as these can damage a longarm machine if the machine tries to stitch over them
  • If supplying the backing and batting with the quilt top, please do not baste them together. These are each loaded onto the machine separately
  • Batting & backing must be at least 4” larger than the quilt top, on ALL sides. For example, if your quilt top is 50” x 60”, the batting and backing should measure at least 58” x 68”

QUILT PREPARATION (Labor Charge - $25/hour)

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Please contact me with any questions, or for an estimate. If your situation is too involved to address by written message, please request a callback and be sure to include the best number, date and time to reach you.

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